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§ 18. Non-ferrous metallurgy (textbook)

§ 18. Color metallurgy


1.     What are the minerals belong to the ferrous ores metals?

2.     Where they are common in Ukraine?


PLACEMENT OF FACTORS. Non-ferrous metallurgy, Unlike blacktion, Ukraine has developed relatively weakly. It has several features: a) in the ores contained few metal, which requires the placement of many enterprises nonferrous metallurgy near sources of raw materials, b) in the ores of nonferrous metals contains many different metals, and this requires an integrated use raw materials, c) industry needs much energy and water, and adversely affect environment. Thus, the location and development impactvayut energy and environmental factors.

STAFF and raw BASIS OF. In structure of ferrous metallurgy in Ukraine occupies a leading position Aluminum Industry. It works on imported raw material (bauxite from Hungary, Russia, Africa), its enterprise located near ports and places of power. Branch is represented by ve-lykym Alumina plant in Nikolaev, Whose products (ClayHolidays - Semi-finished metal for a) a material usedXia in Ukraine and sent to Russia. In Zaporozhyeworking Aluminum Plant in Sverdlovsk (Lugansk) - Factory aluminum-Aref'eva alloys.

Other industries non-ferrous metals released manufac-TED Magnesium (Kalush), Titanium і Magnesium (Zaporozhye), ferro-nickel (Pobuzhya, Turkey). These manufactures are working on their own raw materials, mostbetter off with them is titanium (in ore deposits and Zhytomyr Dnipropetrovsk). Also own raw materials in the Donbass emerged production mercury (Gorlovka) And in Transcarpathia - gold (Muzhieve). Currently, these company stopped work, while raw materials are still relatively large (Primarily mercury). In Kostiatijnnivtsi on imported raw materials created zinc industry.

In Ukraine, formed two regions of non-ferrous metallurgy - Donetsk і Prydniprovskyy. Perspective is Carpathian region.

Among the problems associated with the development of ferrous metallurgy, the most important is air pollution, accumulation of large numbers rocks nekompleksne use of raw materials.


Questions and Tasks

1. What non-ferrous metallurgy industry developing on its own, and which - in dovizniy raw materials?

2. What are the principles of allocation of non-ferrous metallurgy.

3. On the outline map Apply the largest centers ferrous metallurgy in Ukraine and their districts.


Practical work 8 (continuation)

1.     Apply a contour map of major ore deposits nonferrous metals.

2.      On contour map mark the major regions and centers of ferrous metallurgy.