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§ 43. Podolsky and North-West economic areas (textbook)

§ 43. Podolsky and North-West economic areas

1.     What characteristics are typical for the natural environment Podolsk Upland and Polesie lowlands?

2.     In the course of history remember the Ukraine, in which historical periods in Podolsk areas - Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Vinnitsa - were unity within some countries, and have been divided between different states?


 Podolsky Economic Region

Podolsky Economic Region on three areas (Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia) in within Podolsk Upland and belongs to medium-sized territory and population regions of Ukraine.


Fig. Limits Podolski economic region


Prerequisite for development. The main prerequisites for the development of this region are:

·   rich land resources and high level of agricultural development area (the highest level of tilled soil in farmland in Ukraine - 84%) flat terrain and favorable for cultivation of various crops climate conditions;

·   significant deposits non-metallic minerals (limestone, sandstone, chalk, clay, sand, kaolin, gneiss, etc.). The stocks of mineral waters (Chmelnik Satan Mykulyntsi, Gusyatin, Kamenets Podolsky);

·   high density population, the prevalence in the settlement system of small towns, medium and large villages, the presence of significant reserves of labor.

AGRICULTURE. In the economic structure leading a highly developed agriculture, developed as machine building, light industry and chemical industry, building materials.

Agriculture farm specializes in corn-beet farming and meat and dairy cattle breeding, horticulture.


Fig. Gardens Пodillya


Lead industry - food, and in it - sugar, alcoholic beverage, dairy, meat, canned-vegetable. Enterprises have widespread deployment.

Engineering represented by the production of agricultural machines and equipment (Vinnitsa, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky) electrotechnical and instrument-making industry (Kamenets Podolsky, Volochisk, Ternopil, Khmelnitsky, Kiev).

FAQ District textiles industry (Ternopil Dunaivtsi, Slavuta), Shoes, clothing and more.

Near also produce fertilizer, paint, detergents, artificial leather. The largest center of the chemical industry is c. Vinnitsa.

Industry materials has a broad sectoral structure. In industries which are oriented consumer and have widespread deployment, an important inter importance Cement Industry (Kamianets Podolsky), mining granite

Branch specialization and recreational area is farming. In Chmelnik Mikulintsah and Satanivtreated with rest and people from different regions of Ukraine.

Main transport - rail and road. The largest railway- Vinnitsa, Tulchin, Shepetivka.

Economic center. Points of interest. The largest cities are modern skirts regional centers - Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky and TernopilAnd his longtime Administrative Center - Kamyanets Podolsky. These settlements, along with smaller cities and towns (Kremenets Pochaev, Zbarazh, Bershad, Buchach, Medzhybizh, Bar, Tulchin) Is also interesting historical-cultural center.


Northwest District

This economic region, combining the two administrative area is  at least area and population in Ukraine.


Fig. The limits of the Northwest Economic Region


BACKGROUND DEVELOPMENT. The main prerequisites for the development of this region are:

·   convenient economic-geographical position - in border area of Poland and Belarus, joining in Euroregion"Bug";

·   plainness of the territory, excessive moisture lands huge water resources of rivers and lakes;

·   high forest cover, the prevalence coniferous trees;

·   coal deposits of the Lviv-Volyn basin, natural building materials, primarily limestone, chalk, granite and basalt;

·   restricted use of recreational and agricultural resources in the area contaminated.

AGRICULTURE. The structure sector taking the leading place food and light industry, engineering, forestry and woodworking industry, agriculture.

Food industry is represented by sugar, meat, dairy industry, the largest centers - Luck, Kovel, Rovno, Dubno.

In the developed electrical engineering instrument (Lutsk, Rivne) automotive (Luck) And agricultural Engineering (Kovel, Rovno).

Forest and wood processing industry produces furniture, matches (the only match factory in Ukraine м. Bereznyj). In the area is the consumer, primarily in the textile industry Rivne Dubrovytsia, Sarny.


Fig. Polesie і Carpathians - Main areas lisozahotiвлі


Building materials industry produces various products, the largest center - Zdolbuniv (Cement plant).

In the structure of agriculture is dominated pig and meat and dairy cattle, potatoes, cereals and fodder crops, flax and sugar beets.

Transportation represented mainly by rail and motor types, which link the main centers of the district with the capital and regional centers of Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. The biggest railway junctions - Kovel (Which created the so-called transport Europort), Zdolbunov Sarni.

With the entry of the district to Euroregion "Bug" in its economy attracted foreign investment that promotes economic development district.

ECONOMIC CENTERS. Points of interest. The main economic and cultural centers of the region is the regional centers Luck and Exactly. In his many southern cities, towns and villages preserve traces of the glorious history of the Ukrainian people: Vladimir-Volinsky, Berestechko, Dubna, jail, Korets, Peresypnytsya.



Podolsky district - one of the leading districts in country for producing agricultural products.

Northwest District - the smallest in area and populations of industrial-agrarian region with prospects of international border cooperation.


Questions and Tasks

1. What is common and is in excellent distribution of natural conditions and resources of the Northwest and Podolski economic areas?

2. How does the geographical border provisions of the Northwest economic region on its economic specialization?

3. In other economic regions Ukraine farm specialization like Northwest and Podolsky areas?