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Seasons. The observation of the nature (compendium)

result of rotation of the Earth around the Sun is a change of seasons. Usual for us winter, spring, summer, autumn last three calendar months. However, the beginning and duration of seasons for natural Calendar different from the normal timeline calendar. This means that given the basic parameters of weather (temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity) to find out when it starts and how much progress each season.

Yes, autumn in our town actually begins September 10-12 when average daily temperatures fall below 15 °. The dry and warm in the beginning, it brings us heavy rain in November.

At the end of November was also the beginning of winter: this is when the mean daily temperature values become negative and snow falls. And while winter in Kyiv, usually not too cold, it lasts long enough (up to 120 days). And often thaw with piercing winds create many problems for Kiev.

From late March to late May in Kiev last spring. It was in late March in the main land released from snow cover and mean daily temperature exceeds 0 °. Kyiv is especially beautiful in May, when enough heat, but not hot, and green lace plants have not felt the hot breath of summer. In late May, when the average temperature is higher than 15 ° C in our city come summer. At this time the weather is characterized by high temperatures and frequent rains with thunderstorms (especially in early summer). It is in the warm season in Kiev for a large part of the annual precipitation. However, quite often occur in drought, when rains do not happen for several weeks. Then the great Kiev parks and gardens are losing their unique beauty, Kiev beach and recreational area filled with thousands of holidaymakers.

Constant monitoring of the weather leading to the meteorological stations. Using special equipment specialists, meteorologists record air and soil temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind strength and direction, rainfall. All data about the weather for many years, preserved and used for making weather forecasts. Such forecasts are used in many areas of life, particularly in transport, agriculture, home, during public events.