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945 (compendium)

During the year 945 chronicler put the oldest description of Kyiv. This description together with the results of archaeological excavations can imagine how at the time of the reign of Igor, Olga and Sviatoslav city looked. It consisted of two separate parts - the mountains and hem. Hill called the great plateau that dominated the valley of the Dnieper and it was very convenient for the construction of fortifications. The division lies in the valley of the Dnieper River, between foot of the mountain and Dnieper Pochayna sleeve - a natural haven and place of wintering of ships.

on the mountain is actually «city» - a small fortress, where the prince lived with his arms. Somewhere nearby stood «princely court outside gardening» and temple (sanctuary) Perun - the main god of the country. Blank space Mountains was covered by hundreds of hills - the pagan cemetery. Almost all the people of - their number hardly exceeded 5 thousand people - lived at the hem. His most lively place on the pier was Pochayne, where each spring he set out to Constantinople convoy. Somewhere near the pier was the oldest church of St. Kiev. Elijah. North of the hem, including grazing and hayland Obolonske, legend places shrines Velez - the patron saint of cattle and wealth.