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The oldest settlements in the territory of the city (compendium)

territory of modern Kyiv was settled long before there were city. Archaeologists have discovered traces left by ancient "Kiev", - the remains of dwellings, settlement (with the castle fortifications), burials (ancient cemetery). The oldest and best known of these archaeological sites are Cyril parking, open archaeologist Khvoika 's work. Living Kirillovskaya parking - Mammoth hunters - lived about 20 thousand years ago. From that time to the birth of Kyiv on his land many times and disappeared appeared different tribes, the true name we do not know. The first farmers of Ukraine, the so-called Trypillians, 5 thousand years ago built a settlement in Kudryavtsi - the most ancient fortress on the territory of Kiev.

At the turn of our era was populated territory of Kyiv Zarubynec'k tribes, which many scientists believe the ancestors of the Slavs. Accumulation of their settlements (in Obolon , Yurkovitsa , Castle Hill and other places) was an important trade center of the Dnieper area, as evidenced by numerous finds of Roman coins and items of Roman origin.