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1. Entry (textbook)

My Kyiv

Yuri Komarov




Young Kievlyanin! Young Kyianka!                                                                                                          

That's capital letters. We are hoping that this word is always written with capital letters. And to all the inhabitants of Kyiv himself is aware of Kiev. And be Kievlyanin not only live in this big city. It means to love it. Understand. To live his life. Jealous of him. Feel it. And for this must first know their city. Knowing his history, nature and monuments, and life problems. That is the kievlyanina, we hope you can help become this user.

His writing somehow contributed a lot people: historians Kyiv researchers, artists, photographers, just people of that once lived in our city or live in it now. They generously share with you my thoughts and observations, drawings and photos, meditations on the history of Kyiv and its present. Thank them all for it!

Guide built therefore, to be in his co-authors. Each thematic section contains text-story, sources (texts, photos, drawings), expert testimony experts on an issue, references, glossary. All this essential elements of research topics must be addressed. To better learn the material, you must answer questions in the text, as well as sources and expert testimony.

Research and creative tasks in pairs or groups can perform at home, and their terms can be quite long. But results of their performance should be presented in class as mini-messages, newspapers, photomontage, electronic presentations and more.

Guidelines can handle both in class and home, but the discussion in class. It is worth remembering that you have express their own opinion which may not reflect the opinions of others. So, you will substantiate your point of view.

Pay special attention to the task, we offer meet with their parents. We really want you to not only themselves became researchers town and packaged for that family members, friends, friends. The results of these tasks, too, should be executed as reports, presentations and more.

Made by you alone or with friends creative tasks may become, say, Kiev diary or record. You can work above them in the future. And one wishes share lessons learned! Engage their city as much as men. Good luck!