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Established September 22, 1937

Area - 20,6 thousand square meters. km, 3,4% of Ukraine, 19 among its regions

Administrative Center - Khmelnytsky

Territory - 52,4 sq. km. km

Population City - 290,1 thousand people

Number districts - 20

Bridge -13, including the cities of regional subordination - 6

Top City region : inc Kamyanets Podolsky, Shepetovka, Slavuta Starokostyantiniv, Netishyn

settlements m Iskiv type - 24

Rural settlements - 1414

Number population - 1 337.8 thousand people (on 01/08/2009 was)

Density population - 64,9 inhabitants per 1 square. km

City : 724,9 thousand people

Agriculture : 612,9 thousand people

National warehouse : Ukrainian - 93.8%, Russians - 3,6%, Polish - 1,6%


lies in the western part of Ukraine on the left bank of the Dniester and Southern Bug Roztochchia tributaries and Pripyat. Surface - enhanced polohohvylyasta Lesova plain. North of the region - the low-lying alluvial plain-zandrovo with forest outliers in the form of hills, which lies within the Polesie lowlands (220-240 m). In the northwest low escarpment separates Volyn Upland. The central part of the region lies on the spurs of the Dnieper Upland (320-380 m). Platopodibna surface Transnistria deeply divided canyon river valleys, ravines, gullies. South-western region cross Tovtry (409 m). Here there are karst landforms and landslides. Mineral wealth area - non-metallic minerals: granite, kaolin, limestone, brick and tile clay, loam, sand, chalk, marl, sandstone, gypsum, bentonite clay. There are deposits of phosphorite, and peat, mineral waters. The climate is continental with mildth winter (-5 °, -6 ° in January) and warm wet summers (18,3 °, 19,5 ° in July). Precipitation - 600-640 mm (northwest), 500-530 mm (the southeast) a year. In the region - 165 rivers longer than 10 km. Rivers belong to the Dnieper (Gorin, happened, Khomora, Korchik) Buh (Buzhok, Wolf Zgar, Reeve, Ikva), the Dniester (Zbruch canyon, Ternava, Studenytsya, Ushytsya). Lakes had (in the pool Gorin). Erected 1858 ponds and reservoirs. The soils - predominantly black and black ashed typical malohumusni (55,5%), dark gray and gray forest ashed. In the north - sod-podzol. Natural vegetation covers 20% of the territory, including: 6% - meadow steppes and meadows, 1% - peat. Area of forest - about 279.3 thousand ha (hornbeam, oak, linden, ash, in the north - pine, spruce, birch). Fauna is represented by 311 species: mammals - 60 birds - 190 species of amphibians - 11 species of reptiles - 10 fish - 40.

Adverse natural processes - intensive wash plane. Eroded soils occupy 30.9% of the farmland. On steep slopes of hills and river valleys - landslides. In Transnistria on Rivers - wetlands soils. In areas of distribution of carbonate rocks - karst processes. Reclamation: reclamation of disturbed lands, rivers, dredging, anchoring riverbanks, erosion afforestation. Territories and objects of nature reserves - 446 of them of national importance: national park, 22 nature reserves, 5 natural monuments botsad, 9 parks, monuments of landscape architecture, regional landscape park, 17 natural reserves .


first settlement in the region appeared in the Paleolithic days, one of the oldest - near the village. Vrublovetska Luka. On settlement of the tribes of farmers antskyh (II-IV cent.) Demonstrate various findings, including tilling the calendar shown on ritual weight. During the VIII-IX centuries. Hmelnitchine Tyvertsi tribes lived and Volyn. In 1199 land ceded to the Galicia-Volyn principality. It was built many city-fortresses that protected the population from attacks and Pechenegs Polovtsian. In the XIV century. land joined the Duchy of Lithuania. Later (early XV century.) Captured by the Poles, it was created Podolsk province centered in Kamenetz-Podolsk. Uprising swept lands National War led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, but at the agreement Andrusiv 1667 they again went to Poland. After combining the Right Bank and Left Bank Ukraine in 1795 Podolsky province was formed. With a history of underElias is concerned the name of great peasant leader Ustyma Karmaluk. The most important monuments of the region and Ukraine are Kamenets PodilsKyi Medzhybizh and locks.