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QUESTIONS: The emergence of human life in Ukraine

When the first time in Ukraine appeared pralyudy?

  1. About 1 million years ago
  2. About 150 thousand years ago
Answer: a

What to consider parking pralyudey oldest in Ukraine?

  1. Village Mizyn in Chernihiv
  2. Queen Village in Transcarpathia
Answer: b

As archaeologists explain the term cultural layer?

  1. So called archaeological culture
  2. It is called soil, which revealed traces of human activity
Answer: b

As scientists called kromanyontsiv predecessors?

  1. Paleoantropamy (Neanderthals)
  2. Arhantropamy (prezyndzhantropamy and Pithecanthropus)
Answer: a

When there was "reasonable person"?

  1. 150 thousand years ago
  2. 40-35 thousand years ago
Answer: b

Which goes back the origin of art and religious beliefs?

  1. Hours of the first pralyudey
  2. Hours Neanderthals
Answer: b

How to call "reasonable person" in the place of the first find of its most ancient remnants?

  1. Neanderthals
  2. Kromanyontsem
Answer: b

What were the main occupation during a reasonable person of Late Pleistocene?

  1. Hunting
  2. Livestock and agriculture
Answer: a

What are the most popular parking Late Pleistocene in Ukraine?

  1. Mesopotamia in Cherkasy, Chernihiv on Mizyn, Cyril parking in Kiev
  2. Rokosovo in Transcarpathia, Luke Vrublovetska in-Dniester, Labushne Odessschine
Answer: a

What were the most common tools in kromanyontsiv?

  1. Manual rubylo that could chop, cut and hack
  2. Scrubber for leather, cutting to work with the bone, cutting knives, needles, sewing
  3. Hostrokonechnyky and comb
Answer: b

What teams lived kromanyontsi?

  1. Large groups - herds
  2. Groups of 30 families - 40 people - generic communities
Answer: b

What is the name science that studies the history of society to the material remains of human life and activity - real landmarks?

  1. Archeology
  2. Chronology
Answer: a