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QUESTIONS: The earliest farmers and herders in Ukraine

As archaeologists call the following for Paleolithic era in human history?

  1. Mesolithic
  2. Neolithic
Answer: a

What are the instruments used during Mesolithic hunters?

  1. Spears, and traps made in the form of pits
  2. Bow and arrow
Answer: b

What is the archaeological cultures of scientists associated consolidation of ancient Ukrainian territory reproductive economy?

  1. With Trypillya
  2. With Yamnaya
Answer: a

How long existed in our lands tripilska culture?

  1. One and a half thousand years - from 4 BC the first half of 3 thousand BC
  2. Two thousand years - from 6 BC Before the 4 BC
Answer: a

On what day of the archaeological periods of ancient history of Ukraine fell Tripoli flourishing culture?

  1. Copper Age
  2. Bronze Age
Answer: a

What are the territory of the Ukrainian lands possessed tripilska humanity?

  1. Ukrainian forest-steppe strip of land from the Dniester to the Dnieper
  2. Steppe Dnieper and Azov, Seversky Donets basin and the Lower Don
Answer: a

What was the basis Trypillians economy?

  1. Fallow Farming
  2. Pasture cattle
Answer: a

What is sown and grown Trypillians?

  1. Planted barley, millet, wheat, grown in almost all well-known in Ukraine and garden culture
  2. Rye, oats, flax and hemp, vegetable crops of cultivated potatoes
Answer: a

What is the name culture that lived along with Trypillians in the steppe zone?

  1. Bug-Dniester
  2. Serednostohivska
Answer: b

In the region of Ukraine was first found remains of ancient life of farmers, which gave the name of culture?

  1. Kyiv region
  2. Volin
Answer: a

What remained the most important monuments of our ancient inhabitants of the steppe?

  1. Mounds
  2. Two-storeyed buildings
Answer: a

What was the main occupation of the steppe zone inhabitants of Ukraine for the Bronze Age?

  1. Agriculture
  2. Cattle-breeding
Answer: b