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QUESTIONS: Ancient city-colonies in the northern Black Sea coast

When began to appear first in the ancient city of northern Black Sea coast?

  1. 7.5 cent. BC
  2. 5.7 cent.
Answer: a

What settlement is called the first Greek colony in southern Ukraine?

  1. The settlement on the island Berezan
  2. In place of the modern Odesa
Answer: a

Where was devised Greek city-colony Chersonese, which arose at the end of five centuries. BC?

  1. In place of the current Evpatoria
  2. In the outskirts of modern Sevastopol
Answer: b

What Greek city-colony was situated on Kerch current location?

  1. Cercinitis
  2. Panticapaeum
  3. Chersonese
Answer: b

What is the state system had many Greek policy on the Black Sea?

  1. Slavery were democratic or aristocratic republics
  2. Were despotic monarchies
Answer: a

What Greek city has played a big role in the colonization of the Northern Black Sea?

  1. Miletus
  2. Olbia
  3. Chersonese
Answer: a

Whom the gods most revered Northern Pontic Greeks?

  1. Apollo
  2. Jupiter
  3. Mercury
Answer: a

What evidence suggests spreading literacy among the Greek colonists?

  1. A large number of finds from various inscriptions on things - dedication, regards, names and even school exercises
  2. A large number of manuscripts and printed books
Answer: a

What was the basis of Greek colonists economy?

  1. Growing grain, grapes, vegetables, fishing and fish processing, animal husbandry
  2. Hunting, collecting, fishing and fish processing
Answer: a

Which products Greeks colonists sold to Greece?

  1. Corn, livestock, hides, furs, salt fish, salt, slaves
  2. Metal products, weapons, fabrics, precious jewelry, dishes, spices, olive oil and wine
Answer: a

As referred to state that there was 480 BC and combining more than 20 Greek cities on the Kerch Peninsula?

  1. Great Scythia
  2. Bosporus
Answer: b

Who gave the authority Bosporan Perisad V king about 107 BC?

  1. King Mithridates VI of the Pont Eupator
  2. Scythian king Ateyu
Answer: a