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QUESTIONS: Galicia-Volyn state by Prince Daniel Romanovich and his successors

When was the coronation Daniel Romanovich?

  1. In 1253
  2. In 1264
Answer: a

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Travel Daniel Romanovich in the Golden Horde
  2. Destruction of Kyiv Mongols
Answer: b

Which opponent converges Galician-Volyn army at the Battle of Yaroslav in 1245?

  1. From the Hungarian-Polish army
  2. From the German knights-crusaders
Answer: a

What battle ended Yaroslavl in 1245?

  1. Galician-Volyn victory troops
  2. Defeat of the Galician-Volyn troops
Answer: a

Strengthening the bridge where State Daniel Romanovich was destroyed at the request of the Mongolian princes?

  1. City, Vladimir, Lutsk
  2. Hill, Kyiv, Pereiaslav
Answer: a

Which cities were part of the Galicia-Volyn principality by Daniel Romanovich?

  1. Mukachevo, Chernigov, Novgorod-Seversky, Ljubech, Krakow
  2. Holm Terebovlya, Luck, Daniel, Sanok, Przemysl
Answer: b

What city was the capital of Galicia and Volyn State by Leo L. Kuchma and Yuri?

  1. Holm and Galich
  2. Lions and Vladimir
Answer: b

Who are the descendants of Daniel Romanovich had the title "King of Russia"?

  1. Leo D.
  2. And George L.
Answer: b

In what years reign of Yuri L. I?

  1. In 1301-1308 he
  2. In 1325-1340 he
Answer: a

What is the event associated with the board and George L.?

  1. Liquidation Golden Yoke
  2. Formation Galician Orthodox Metropolis
Answer: b

What event made possible a trip to the Polish King Casimir the Galician-Volyn land in 1349 and initiated a long war for them?

  1. Agreement with the Polish kingdom of association
  2. Death of George II Boleslav
Answer: b

On that land after the death of George II Boleslaw Prince Lubart extended power of the Lithuanian dynasty Hedyminovychiv?

  1. the Galician
  2. in Volyn
Answer: b