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QUESTIONS: Cultural life in the second half of XIV - first half of XVI century.

Formation which usnopoetychnyh genres happened in XIV-XV centuries.?

  1. Freckles, Christmas carols, songs long
  2. Historical songs, ballads and doom
Answer: b

What are the peculiarities of Ukrainian dumas?

  1. These works napivprospivuvalys-napivpromovlyalysya in suppovodi bandupy, Kobza lipy or traveling singers
  2. These works were performed in the choir accompanied by triple Music
Answer: a

What kind of historical figure referred to in the oldest surviving records of the Ukrainian historical songs, ballads - "Danube, Danube smuten techesh why?"?

  1. About Moldavian master Stephen III
  2. About Ukrainian prince Ostrozky
Answer: a

Why teach children in churches and monasteries in the XV - first half of XVI century.?

  1. Bible Church Slavonic, the beginning of arithmetic, prayers, singing
  2. Philosophy and Medicine
Answer: a

Where, when and by whom the book was first published in Church Slavonic language, which had been popular in Ukraine?

  1. In Krakow, 1491, Shvaypoltom Fiolem
  2. In Rome, in 1483, George Drogobich
Answer: a

Where in the Ukrainian territory was most masonry built castles and fortresses?

  1. In the Dnieper and the Left
  2. In Podolia and Volhynia
Answer: b

Which city had the most powerful Volyn locks?

  1. Luck, Ostrog
  2. Khotin, Mukachevo
Answer: a

What kind of defensive structures considered nayneprystupnishoyu skirts of the fortresses?

  1. Fortress in the heater on the river canyon
  2. Khotin fortress on the Dniester
Answer: a

Which genres of contemporary art actively developed during XV - the first half of XVI century.?

  1. Iconography
  2. Portrait, historic and battle-piece
Answer: a

What famous memorial created at the end of the XIV century., Decorated with 300 miniatures?

  1. Kyiv Psalter
  2. Ostromyrov Gospel
Answer: a

Who is Yuriy managed?

  1. Ukrainian scientist XV., The first among Ukrainian author whose work has been published
  2. Ukrainian pioneer
Answer: a

How-called wall of partition that separates the altar - the main place in the temple, the central parts - space, where there are believers?

  1. Chapel
  2. Iconostasis
  3. Belfry
Answer: b