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§ 1. Introduction to the medieval history of Ukraine (textbook)

OO Martyniuk, O. Hisem


History of Ukraine


Grade 7


§ 1. Introduction to the medieval history of Ukraine

Upon learning this paragraph, you'll learn:

      What is the history of Ukraine as a science andsubjects;

      What are the sources of medieval studieshistory of Ukraine;

      that will study in the course of medievalhistory of Ukraine;

      how to work with the textbook;

      What is "history", "historical fact", "historicevent "," History of Ukraine "," periodization, "" historical sources "," record ".



1.   What is history?

2.   Studying science history?

3.   What is the period of world history and historyUkraine did you learn last year? What are its chronological limits.

4.   What events are ancient history of Ukraine youremember most?


1.   History of Ukraineas a science and a subject. Ceased summer vacation and started a new schoolyear. In 7 grade you, among other subjects, to researchsystematic course of history - as a world and history of Ukraine.

The word "history"As you know, the ancient Greek origin and translates as "research","Narrative of events". Ancient Greek writer Herodotus and scholar who is considered"Father of history", called "history" of their stories about the Greek-Persian War.

The term "history"has several meanings. History as a science studying past human communities thatinhabited planet from earliest times to the present.

Scientistsinvestigate what happened in the past human communities, calledhistorians. The basis of their interesting but also very difficult work assigned researchhistorical facts and historical events.


Terms and definitions

Historical data - Real, not fictional cases that occurredreally.

Historical events - A set of related important factssocial life, constituting a coherent whole.


An integralpart of world history is the history of Ukraine. This is the science that studies the developmenthuman society in the Ukrainian lands in chronological order anddefines its basic laws. It explores the history of Ukrainianpeople, their struggle for national independence and related featsdrama, triumphs and tragedies.

Historical Sciencenot stand still. The new discovery it updates and deepens ourknowledge of historical events. Based on research scientists, historians createdacademic subject "history of Ukraine", which you continue to study this year.It reflects a modern vision of the past of our Motherland.

2.   PeriodizationUkraine's history. Sources studying medieval history of Ukraine. Historyhumanity, as you know, the researchers divided into specific periods. PeriodizationUkraine's history as a whole meets world history, but has alsofeatures which reflect the formation and development of humanSociety of Ukrainian lands.


Terms and definitions

Historyperiodization - The division of historyat certain periods, which is the main stages of social or cultural developmentcountries and peoples, and characterized the major events, phenomena or processes.


According toexisting today periodization of Ukraine shared the story:

      ancient history. Longest periodcovering events from the appearance of people in Ukraine and the Great Migrationpeople;

      medieval history. Tells aboutevents that occurred during the Great Migration of the Slavs and the end of XVArt.;

      new history. It describes the developmentUkrainian lands in the XVI-XIX centuries.;

      modern history. FRIENDS of the events ofearly XX century. and to the present.

Knowledge of the pastis based on research and analysis by researchers of historical sources.


Terms and definitions

Historical sources - All created in the process of human activity that is saved totoday that examines the history of human society and reflect itshistorical development.


Exploringvarious historical sources, scientists learn about how life wasin different historical periods. There are different types of sources, includingthe main ones are real, verbal, written, verbal, ethnographic, photographic and kinodokumenty.Every single source shows only a facet of the past and has limitedamount of historical information. As the creators of all relics of the past werepeople, the historical sources reflect their vision and perception of events. Becausepresent a complete picture of life in a certain period can be played only bycombining and comparing information from different historical sources.

The mainhistorical sources, which scientists are exploring the medieval history of Ukraineis real, written, oral, linguistic, and ethnographic.

Sources of learningmedieval history of Ukraine


Types of sources

Real source

Balances  buildings, graves, tools, life, weapons, jewelry, etc.

Oral sources

Legends,  epic translations, fairy tales, songs, etc.

Written sources

Chronicles,  documents, contracts etc.

Language Resources

Data on history  language development

Ethnographic sources

Results  Research ethnographers



Watch thatcontain data about the peculiarities of life, culture and customs of the people

3.   Studyingmedieval history of Ukraine? The book you hold in your hands, help you to knowwhat happened in the Ukrainian lands during medieval history. Workingwith it, you can form an idea about how after the Great MigrationEast Slavs began forming independence. Learn abouthow originated and developed eastern Slavs formed the largest stateEuropean Middle Ages - Kievan Rus. Learn about the Galicia-Volynprincipality and its place in the development of Ukrainian statehood. Track aswhy Ukrainian lands were in the Grand Duchy of LithuaniaPolish Kingdom and other countries in the second half of XIV-XV centuries.

On pagestextbook before your eyes arise mighty princes, boyars proud, wiseChurch leaders and talented builders. You will be able to peek behind the curtaintime and try to understand the actions and deeds of people who lived long before yourbirth. Upon learning of their contribution to the Ukrainian medieval events, youcan see how much they did for their country. Ityou will understand why it can be argued that in this complex and fartime laid the foundations for future independent Ukraine.

Therefore, we inviteyou to interesting and exciting travel routes of medieval Ukraine. LetYour guide will be there in this tutorial.


4.   How to deal withbook. Before you begin the tour, you mustacquainted with its content and structure. Material incorporated in the textbookfive themes, each containing four to six paragraphs, which in itsturn, divided into several areas. The text you will encounter words and datescolor black type. This means that they should pay specialattention. As you already know from last year, history, like any other science, hasown terminology, which should be understood. The textbook contains a date fixedevents, and definitions of terms, information about prominent historical figures.Working in the classroom and at home, make sure you check yourself tosure whether you remember the chronology of events, names of people, newconcepts and terms.

Important role forunderstanding of the material are listed in the book documents, illustrations, maps andscheme. Working with the relevant paragraph should read includedhis document and respond to questions. Looking at the illustrations,must pay attention to labels that explain the content shown. Schemeyou open the links between components of a historical phenomenon, explain itsfeatures and more. Working with historical maps will find out exactly whereevents occurred, referred to in the text, or what changes they caused.

After eachparagraph are questions and problems. Heed, symbolsalong with them. They will help you better understand how and what to do.

Afteracademic subject, you'll be able to summarize the material studied bylisted after the generalizing tasks. Tests to topicallow you to perform self-test their knowledge for its material.

To youeasy to work with the textbook, you must pay attention to the content ofthe pages of labels and their meaning.

      "Upon learning this paragraph, you will learn"- This section is located after the title and paragraph contains a brief statementbasic learning tasks.

      "The task to repeat - and questionstask at the beginning of this column will help you remember the paragraph studiedearlier and prepare to accept new material.

      "The documents tell" - presented hereSamples from historical sources you should read and answer thequestions to them.

      "Interesting Facts" - In this section you will findMany interesting historical facts connected with the content of what said inparagraph.

      "The figure in history" - under this headinglocated about famous historical figures to help youunderstand their contribution to history.

      "Terms and concepts" - here you will findinterpretation given in the text of the concepts and terms.

      "Remember the Date - This column contains the datehistorical events to be memorized.

      "Check yourself - are there questionshelp you make a self-test, make sure that you rememberparagraph of text.

      "Think and answer - questionsthis column will allow you to comprehend the reading.

      "Do the job" - this column containstasks aimed at the development of skills you have to work with historical mapsmake plans, tables, figures, etc. historical portraits.

      "For the curious" - In this section youfind historical task, the task to prepare messages. These tasksperformed at the direction of teachers or those students who wish to deepen theirknowledge.

      Conclusions. People should study historybecause without knowledge of their past they may not understand the present andpredict the future. Ukraine History contains many valuable for understandingpresent.

      In Ukraine, the processes in the past,similar to those in other parts of Europe and the world. Therefore, the history of Ukraine asworld history, divided into ancient, medieval, new and modernperiods.

      Learn about the different events of the past canOnly by combining information from different historical sources.


Questions and Tasks

Check yourself

1. Astranslates the word "history"? 2. What historical facts and historical events?3. What studies and explores the history of Ukraine? 4. What is the historical periods? 5.What period is divided into the history of Ukraine? 6. What is the historical source? 7.What are the different types of historical sources? 8. What kinds of historical sourcesstudying medieval history of Ukraine?


Think and answer

1.   What is the relationship between the history of Ukraineas science and educational subjects?

2.   What do you know about the history periodizationUkraine?

3.   Tell us which types of sourcesexplore the medieval history of Ukraine.

4.   Studying medieval history of Ukraine?


Perform the task

Noteconclusions paragraph. Explain their contents, citing facts from the textbook. (Infurther such an exercise can be performed after each paragraph toself-test their knowledge.)