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QUESTIONS: The emergence of the Ukrainian Cossacks and Zaporozhian Sich

When and where was first founded Sich?

  1. At the end of XV century. by Fr. Bazavluk
  2. In the middle of the XVI century. by Fr. Khortytsya Low
Answer: b

What happened before?

  1. The first record of the Ukrainian Cossacks in written sources
  2. Adoption of the Crimean Khanate vassal dependence on the Ottoman Empire
Answer: b

What does the word "Cossack" in translation from Oriental languages?

  1. Free-armed man
  2. A man armed with scythe
Answer: a

What kind of historical figure referred to? Ukrainian hetman-Prince, which is built on the Dnieper castle-fortress, which it called the first known Sich

  1. About Basil-Ostrozky
  2. About Dmitry Vishnevetskogo
Answer: b

What castles protected the border on the verge of XV-XVI centuries. Ukrainian frontier north of the Fields?

  1. Kahn, Cherkassy, Zvenyhorodka, Vinnitsa, Bratslav, Chmelnik Bar
  2. Kahn, Cherkassy, Zvenyhorodka, Vinnitsa, Perekop, Ochakov Bakhchisaraj
Answer: a

Where there were Sich fortress - the capital of Cossacks?

  1. In the lower reaches of the Dnieper by the Dnieper Rapids
  2. Before the Dnieper rapids, in the provinces of Kiev and Bratslav
Answer: a

How to call headquarters Zaporizhzhya Sich, which were run by the administration, finance, court?

  1. Bold troops Zaporizhzhya
  2. Cage
Answer: b

What characters, attributes belonging to a Cossack jewelry?

  1. Banners, mace, horsetail, pirnach, stamp
  2. Banners, mace, royal crown
Answer: a

Who belonged to the highest authority in the Cossack republic?

  1. Ataman
  2. Cossack council
Answer: b

What is "Cossacks zymivny?

  1. Cossack village where Kozak worked freely on their own land
  2. Diversified economy that relied on forced labor Cossack
Answer: a

What is defined as the main cause in the development of Ukrainian Cossacks?

  1. Need for protection of Ukrainian lands from the Turkish conquests Nogai Tatar-host
  2. Ukrainian aspirations to own trade routes from Asia to Europe
Answer: a

What were the consequences of economic activities of Ukrainian Cossacks?

  1. Population and development fields, thus expanding the living space of Ukrainian peacefully
  2. Spread across Ukrainian land-filvarkovo panschynnoyi management system
Answer: a