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QUESTIONS: Union of Lublin. Start the Polish domination in the Ukrainian lands

When most of the Ukrainian lands became part of the Kingdom of Poland?

  1. 1385
  2. 1569
  3. 1596
Answer: b

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Home Livonian War
  2. Formation of the Commonwealth
Answer: a

What kind of event is it about? Six months there were disputes Lithuanian-Ruthenian and Polish deputies in the common policies. After the decision was signed on the union of two states - the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland

  1. On the Union of Lublin
  2. About Krevsk Union
Answer: a

What is the historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine at the end of the XIV century. seized the Polish kingdom, soon there creating Belz and Ruthenian province?

  1. Volin
  2. Kyiv region
  3. Galicia
Answer: c

What are the Ukrainian lands were in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the beginning of the XVI century.?

  1. Kiev region, Volyn, Bratslavshchina (Eastern Podolia), Chernihiv-Siverschyna
  2. Galicia, Podolia, Chernihiv-Siverschyna
Answer: a

What new province was formed on Ukrainian lands within the Kingdom of Poland after the Union of Lublin?

  1. Volyn, Bratslav, Kiev
  2. Ruske, Belz, Podolsk
Answer: a

What occupied the top stratum of the social pyramid of Ukrainian society in the XVI century.?

  1. Princes
  2. Farmers
  3. Burghers
Answer: a

What kind of historical figure about? Ukrainian prince - uncrowned king of Rus-Ukraine, Kiev was the palatine and the largest landowner after the King of Poland Rzeczpospolita

  1. Yuriy managed
  2. Vasily Konstantin-Ostrog
Answer: b

As referred to Consumer sector, actively implemented in the Ukrainian lands in the second half of XVI century. Where raw materials are not only produced but also on pereroblyalasya distillery, tannery, and in mills, and the products exported to the markets?

  1. Filvarky
  2. Workshops
Answer: a

What was the reason the Union of Lublin?

  1. Aspiration Polish nobility equal in rights with the Lithuanian-Ruthenian
  2. The desire to acquire the Polish nobility Ukrainian lands
Answer: b

What results have Lublin Union?

  1. It was formed by the state Commonwealth with one king, the joint Sejm and Senate
  2. State was formed the Commonwealth, in which Lithuanian and Ukrainian lands retained full independence in foreign and domestic policy
Answer: a

What was the direct consequence of the Union of Lublin to the Ukrainian lands?

  1. Poland's Accession to the majority of Ukrainian lands and distributing them to the Polish administrative-territorial structure
  2. Combine all Ukrainian lands into one state - Rzeczpospolita
Answer: a