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QUESTIONS: Uprising 90 years of the XVI century.

When the first Cossack rebellion?

  1. At the end of XV century.
  2. At the end of the XVI century.
Answer: b

What events are associated with the name John horseshoe?

  1. Tomakivsky Sich Destruction and construction Bazavluk
  2. Hike to the Cossacks of the Moldavian principality
Answer: b

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Moldavian campaign John Horseshoe
  2. Cossack uprising led by M. Shaul and Nalyvaiko
Answer: a

What city was the capital of the Moldavian principality in the second half of XVI century.?

  1. Siret
  2. Iasi
  3. Suceava
Answer: b

On that figure referred to? Cossack hetman, first duke of Cossack rebellion 1591-1593 biennium

  1. About Krzysztof Kosynsky
  2. About Severin Nalyvaika
Answer: a

What territory covered K. Kosynsky rebellion?

  1. Kyiv and Bratslav, subsequently extended and Volhynia
  2. Galicia and Volhynia, and later spread to Bratslavshchina
Answer: a

Who led the Cossack units in the rebel movement autumn 1595 - winter 1596?

  1. Gregory Loboda, Matthew Shaul, Severin Nalyvayko
  2. Severin Nalyvayko Matthew Shaul, Krzysztof Kosinski
Answer: a

What territory covered rebellion 1595-1596 biennium?

  1. Most of Ukraine and Belarus
  2. Territory and Ruthenian provinces Podolski
Answer: a

What event was critical to stop the rebellion 1595-1596 biennium?

  1. Battle of the heel in Zhytomyr
  2. Battle of the tract under Solonytsia Lubny
Answer: b

As in the historical sources called southern districts of Kiev and Bratslav province, bordering lands Zaporizhzhya Sich?

  1. Province
  2. Parish
Answer: b

As a named array of Ukrainian Cossack troops, using which, the main forces during the march or a parking lot surrounded by rows of wagons for defense against enemy attacks?

  1. Camp
  2. Mess
  3. Picket
Answer: a

What reason prompted the Polish government to form a Cossack Army Registered?

  1. The Polish government sought to bring the Cossacks to the public service, using them to protect their southern borders. Involvement of the civil service Cossacks Poland sought to limit their trips to the Crimea and Turkey to avoid worsening relations with these countries
  2. The Polish government sought to formally recognize the Cossack military and political organization that prevailed in Zaporozhye
Answer: a