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QUESTIONS: Hetman Pavlo Konashevych-Sahaidachny. Ukrainian Cossacks in the first quarter of the XVII century.

What period is called the "heroic era of campaigns?

  1. Revolt 1591-1596 biennium, when the liberated territories zaprovadzhuvavsya Cossack System
  2. Successful sea trips Cossacks to the Turkish-Tatar fortress in the first two decades of the XVII century., Which was released as a result hundreds of thousands of slaves
Answer: b

In what years Hetman Petro-Konashevich Sagaidachnogo?

  1. Are 90 years of the XVI century.
  2. In the first decades of the XVII century.
Answer: b

As the Cossacks called their boats on which they paid trips to the possession of the Ottoman Empire?

  1. Servitude
  2. Seagull
  3. Tryanhulamy
Answer: b

What a memorable year of 1620 and in Ukraine's history?

  1. The Kiev Brotherhood and Cossacks led by P.Konashevychem Sahaidachny-restored church hierarchy
  2. A hike P. Konashevich-Sagaidachnogo to Moscow, which was intended to help the prince Vladislavove
Answer: a

Where was located the largest nevilnytskyy market in the Crimea, whither his victorious march Hetman P. Konashevych-Sahaidachny?

  1. In Hotine
  2. In Kaffa
  3. In Iasi
Answer: b

As a result of the events was signed Deulinske truce between Muscovy and the Commonwealth?

  1. As a result Khotyn war
  2. Due to hike the Polish Prince Wladyslaw with Hetman Sahaidachny to Moscow
Answer: b

What on earth Deulinskym truce between Muscovy and the Commonwealth ceded to Poland at 14, 5 years?

  1. Smolensk and Chernigov-Siverschyna
  2. Kiev region, Volyn and Bratslavshchina
Answer: a

Which country were subordinated to the fortress, against which directed their sea trips Cossacks in an era of heroic journeys?

  1. Ottoman Empire
  2. Rech
Answer: a

What event listed below is linked to Peter Konashevych-Sahaidachny?

  1. The introduction of the Registered Cossack troops
  2. Introduction to the Kyiv Zaporizhia Army Fellowship
Answer: b

What army were enemies in war Khotyn?

  1. Polish army, reinforced by 40 thousand Cossack army, Turkish and Tatar army
  2. Polish army, reinforced by 40 thousand Cossack army, and Muscovite-Tatar army
Answer: a

He played a crucial role in the victory of the Commonwealth in Khotyn war?

  1. Forces of the Commonwealth, led by Crown Lithuanian Hetman Chodkiewicz Charles
  2. Cossack troops, headed by Peter Konashevych-Sahaidachny
Answer: b

What were the consequences Khotyn war?

  1. The Ottoman Empire lost considerable territory, including lands of the Crimean Khanate and the Danube countries - Moldavia, Wallachia, Transylvania
  2. Poland withdrew the threat of losing huge territory. The battle resulted in strengthening of the liberation struggle of peoples conquered by the Turks
Answer: b