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QUESTIONS: The national-liberation uprising of the Ukrainian people 20-30-ies XVII.

As a result of the events Kurukove signed agreement?

  1. Due to the Polish-Cossack armed conflict in 1625
  2. As a result, Smolenskaya (Moscow-Polish) War in 1634
Answer: a

What Kurukove included agreement on military-territorial structure of the Cossacks?

  1. "In perpetuity" Cossacks were deprived of the right to elect officers
  2. Creation of six regiments: Bilotserkivskyi, Kanev, Korsunskogo, Pereyaslavsky, Cherkassy and Chigirinskogo
Answer: b

How soon after construction of the fortress destroyed Cossacks led by Ivan Sulyma?

  1. Hotinskuyu
  2. Kamenets Podolsk
  3. Kodatska
Answer: c

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Rebellion led by Ivan Sulima
  2. Adoption of the Sejm of the Commonwealth The ordinance troops Zaporizhzhya Registered ... "
Answer: a

When and where was "" Night of Taras?

  1. 1630 under Pereyaslav
  2. 1637 under Kumeykamy
Answer: a

What ended the Tarasova night?

  1. Defeat insurgents
  2. The defeat of Poles
Answer: b

Who led the national liberation uprising 1637-1638 biennium?

  1. Marco Zhmaylom, John Sulima, Taras Tryasylo
  2. Paul Pawluk, James Ostrainyn, Dmitry Hun
Answer: b

What ended national-liberation uprising of 1637-1638 years?

  1. Defeat insurgents
  2. The defeat of Poles
Answer: a

What kind of historical figure referred to? Insurrectionist Pavliuk. Summer 1638 was elected hetman. Reflecting the Poles, built at the confluence, the elder in Sulu impregnable camp, which insured the revolt of the Cossacks complete defeat

  1. About Dmitry Hunyu
  2. About Ivan Sula
Answer: a

What lead the uprising in 1638, losing hope of success, departed with a part of the Cossacks Sloboda Ukraine, where he settled near Chugueva?

  1. Carp throw
  2. Jacob Ostrainyn
Answer: b

As predicted the "ordination troops Zaporizhzhya Registered?

  1. Military authority over the registered Cossacks Hetman belonged, which selected the Combined Board and approved the Polish government
  2. Two regiments Registered in turn had to constantly stand Zaporozhye
Answer: b

What decade Poles called "golden peace" due to lack of time during this high-profile speeches Ukrainian?

  1. 1602-1612 biennium
  2. 1638-1648 biennium
Answer: b