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QUESTIONS: Church life in the second half of XVI century.

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Translation Peresopnytsia Gospel
  2. Brest Church Union
Answer: a

When it was formed the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church?

  1. 1569
  2. 1596
  3. 1572
Answer: b

What was one of the causes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at the end of the XVI century.?

  1. Go to other faiths peasantry - the general population of Ukrainian lands, and the burghers and the nobility
  2. Loss of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church state support, increased interference in the affairs of the secular church
Answer: b

What was one of the consequences of Brest church union?

  1. It lost a higher hierarchy (to 1620), and since passed into the union
  2. He started to deploy their activities Jesuit Order
Answer: a

What is Fellowship Church?

  1. Self-governing community of free artisans one or more specialties, which under the statute had to follow certain particularities, as well as certain lifestyle
  2. Of the burghers of the Orthodox churches, which are gradually increasing with spolschennya and stick a catholic faith became vsestanovymy cultural and educational organizations
Answer: b

What fraternity was the oldest among the Ukrainian Cossack era church fraternities?

  1. Lviv Dormition Brotherhood
  2. Lutsk Brotherhood cavern
Answer: a

Who called the "father of the Union"?

  1. Gideon Balaban
  2. Ipatii Potii
Answer: b

What were the main achievements of the Reformation in Ukraine?

  1. Translation of the Bible then Ukrainian language and its use in worship
  2. There were many Jesuit schools, where education opened opportunities for further education at universities in Poland, Germany, Italy, France
Answer: a

What are the signs related to the Greek Catholic Church?

  1. Adhere to the Pope, acknowledged some tenets of Catholicism, but Orthodox rite remained
  2. Adhere to the Pope, the language of worship served as the Latin, the Orthodox rite remained
Answer: a

When introduced the new Gregorian calendar in the Commonwealth?

  1. 1569
  2. 1582
Answer: b

What is the Gospel?

  1. One of the most important parts of the New Testament, which describes the earthly life of Jesus Christ: His teaching, miracles, religious suffering, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven
  2. Home divine service in Orthodoxy, in which the mystery is transforming bread and wine the body and blood of Jesus Christ
Answer: a

What the church hierarchy made a trip to Rome, where they met with the Pope for the official ceremony connection with the Catholic Church?

  1. Gideon Balaban and Michael Kopystensky
  2. Ipatii Poti and Cyril Terlecki
Answer: b