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QUESTIONS: Ukrainian-Moscow Treaty in 1654 Continuation of the national liberation war

Whose main achievement called the rebirth of the Ukrainian state?

  1. Bohdan Khmelnytsky
  2. Maxim Krivonosa
Answer: a

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Joint hike tsar troops and Ukrainian Cossacks against the Commonwealth
  2. Signature between Muscovy and the Commonwealth anniversary of a truce The free
Answer: a

Which states Hetman government established diplomatic relations during the years 1648-1657?

  1. From the Crimean Khanate, Muscovy, Moldavia, Wallachia, Transylvania, Venice, Sweden
  2. In Austria, the Vatican, Spain, France, Holland, Brandenburg
Answer: a

Place of the negotiations between Zaporozhian Host and large Muscovite embassy on the eve of the Ukrainian-Moscow Treaty?

  1. Pereyaslav
  2. Zborov
  3. Moscow
Answer: a

When and where was the conclusion of the treaty between the articles and Moskoviyeyu Zaporozhian Host?

  1. In Pepeyaslavi in January 1654 p.
  2. In Moscow in 1654 bepezni p.
Answer: b

What intergovernmental relations predicted conditions of Ukrainian-Moscow Treaty?

  1. The independence of Ukraine is not limited to, Cossack Ukraine and Muscovy was intended to combine in a kind of confederation
  2. Cossack Ukraine lost the independence she had to serve on Muscovy
Answer: a

What was due to a change of foreign policy orientation of B. Khmelnitsky Hetman for the last few years?

  1. Hostilities troops Transylvanian prince Dyerdya II Rakotsi and Ukrainian armies led by A. Zhdanovich the Commonwealth
  2. By signing the Moscow-Vilnius Polish armistice, and thus a violation of the Moscow government contract in 1654
Answer: b

On what conditions was concluded Vilna Polish-Moscow Truce?

  1. Military action between the Commonwealth and Moscow stopped the king was elected to the Polish throne
  2. Ukrainian court administration and remained independent and not subordinate to Moscow, officers, Cossacks, Hetman and were happy to choose
Answer: a

Which states Bogdan Khmelnitsky livelier diplomatic measures to conclude a union contract in recent years Hetman?

  1. With Russia and England
  2. From Tpansylvaniyeyu and Sweden
Answer: b

Which of these figures, helped Mr Brussels in his last years?

  1. Nebaba Martin, Daniel Nechai, Maxim Sergeant, Michael Krichevsky
  2. Zolotarenko Ivan, Ivan Bohun, Zhdanovich Antin, John Vyhovsky
Answer: b

What is a protectorate?

  1. Form depending on which one country takes over the implementation of external relations of another country, protecting its territory
  2. Stop resistance forces, or part of the conditions proposed by the winner or as a result of negotiations agreed
Answer: a

How many years have lasted B. Khmelnitsky Hetman?

  1. 5 years
  2. 1910
  3. 1915
Answer: b