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QUESTIONS: Ukraine during the reign of Ivan Vigovs'kogo

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Conclusion Hadiach contract
  2. Battle of Konotop
Answer: a

What kind of historical figure referred to? Succeeded by Bogdan Khmelnitsky Hetman government. Hadiach signed an agreement with the Poles. Russians Defeated in Battle of Konotop

  1. Dmitry Vishnevetsky
  2. John Vyhovsky
Answer: b

What position was occupied by I. Vyhovsky to elect its hetman?

  1. General clerk
  2. Henepalnoho judge
  3. Henepalnoho captain
Answer: a

When and where the agreement was entered into between Sweden and Hetmanate?

  1. In October 1657 in Korsun
  2. In September 1658 in Gadyach
Answer: a

Who led the anti-riot in 1658 p.?

  1. Ivan Bohun, Y. Khmelnitsky
  2. Pushkap M., J. Bapabash
Answer: b

Which three of the state for contract of Hadiach had to enter the union?

  1. Poland, Muscovy, Grand Duchy of Rus' (Ukraine)
  2. Poland, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Rus' (Ukraine)
Answer: b

Is there life in vtileno Hadiach dohovip?

  1. So
  2. No
Answer: b

Host countries are gathered at Konotop during the reign of Ivan Vyhovsky?

  1. Ukrainian army troops reinforced the Crimean Khan, the army and Moscow
  2. Polish army, reinforced by Turkish troops, the army and Moscow
Answer: a

What was the main reason for the Ukrainian-Russian war 1658 - 1659 рр.?

  1. Incompatible approaches Hetman and the king's government to further develop bilateral relations
  2. Cossack Ukraine, seeking to become the most powerful power in eastern Europe and in the Orthodox world in general, wanted to seize Russia
Answer: a

How Konotop battle ended?

  1. Ukrainian defeat
  2. Defeat Russians
Answer: b

Who was elected the Hetman I. Vyhovsky instead?

  1. I. Bpyuhovetskoho
  2. P. Tetepyu
  3. Khmelnitsky Y.
Answer: c

How many years have lasted Hetman I. Vyhovsky?

  1. 2 years
  2. 5 years
  3. 1910
Answer: a