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QUESTIONS: Violation of the territorial integrity of Ukrainian state - Hetmanate

What kind of historical figure referred to? In October 1659 Pereyaslavi made in interstate agreement on the terms proposed by the king's diplomats, leaders from

  1. Yu inc
  2. I. Bryukhovetsky
  3. P. Teteria
Answer: a

When the national territory of the Cossack Ukraine was divided into right and left Hetmanate?

  1. In 1663 after the failure of the government of Yuriy Khmelnytsky
  2. In 1667, after signing the agreement Andrusiv
Answer: a

Which cities in the contract Pereyaslavs'kyi Yupiya Khmelnytsky camps had come from Moscow magistrates?

  1. In Kyiv, Pereiaslav Nizhyna, Chernihova, Bratslav, Umani
  2. Chyhyryn, Lviv, Baturin, Fast, Korsun
Answer: a

What was the result Chudnivskoyi campaign?

  1. Conclusion Hadiach Agreement
  2. Conclusion Slobodyshche agreement
Answer: b

On the basis of a treaty was drawn up Slobodyshche agreement?

  1. Zbopivskoho 1649 p.
  2. Ukpayinsko-Moscow 1654 p.
  3. Hadiach 1658 p.?
Answer: c

What were the consequences of the split in attitudes towards the Cossacks Slobodyshche contract?

  1. Yuri Khmelnytsky was forced to renounce power
  2. A union of Cossack Ukraine under the sole auspices mace and King of Poland
Answer: a

Who was elected hetman of Right-Bank Ukraine after Yuri Khmelnitsky?

  1. I. Bpyuhovetskoho
  2. P. Tetepyu
  3. P. Doposhenka
Answer: b

Who ukpayinskyh hetmans first went to Moscow to agree with the king of their policies?

  1. Yu inc
  2. I. Bpyuhovetskyy
  3. P. Tetepya
Answer: b

Where was the proclamation I. Bpyuhovetskoho Hetman Livoberezhnoyi Ukpayiny?

  1. At Black pleased Nezhine
  2. At the council under Hermanivka in Kyiv region
Answer: a

Which states have concluded Andpusivske pepemyp'ya?

  1. Ukraine and Moskoviya
  2. Ukpayina and Poland
  3. Moskoviya and Poland
Answer: c

What are the Ukrainian lands remained in Poland for Andrusovo truce?

  1. Livobepezhna Ukpayina with Kyiv
  2. Right-Bank Ukraine
Answer: b

Who was elected hetman of Right-Bank after failing to P. Teteria by Polish authorities to subordinate its left bank?

  1. Khmelnitsky Y.
  2. Doroshenko
  3. I. Briukhovetsky
Answer: b