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QUESTIONS: Getman Philip Orlik and its Constitution of Ukraine

What kind of historical figure referred to? Formed an alliance with the Swedish king, according to which Ukraine was declared an independent state. Led the anti-colonial rebellion against Muscovy

  1. About Ivan Mazepa
  2. About Semen Paliy
  3. About Philip Orlik
Answer: a

Who was in all cases utayemnychenyy Mazepa, supported him during the rebellion antymoskovskoho went with him into exile, by the end staying true to the idea of Ukraine's liberation?

  1. John Samoylovych
  2. Philip Orlik
  3. Semen Paliy
Answer: b

When was the election of Mr. Orlik Hetman in exile?

  1. 1710
  2. 1727
Answer: a

What document was approved during the Cossack Council April 5, 1710 in Atlanta?

  1. "Covenant and the Constitution, laws i liberties troops Zaporizhzhya
  2. "Reshetylivski articles"
Answer: a

What rights for senior government officials included Orlyk Constitution?

  1. Gave unlimited power hetman, included the establishment of the officer council with legislative powers
  2. Limited ppava Hetman, provided a representative body - the General Council
Answer: b

What new interstate agreement was signed in Bendepah May 10, 1710 p.?

  1. Ukpayinsko-Moscow dohovip
  2. Ukpayinsko-Swedish agreement
Answer: b

What ended march P. Oplyka Right Bank Ukraine in 1711?

  1. Unsuccessful coalition antymoskovskoyi
  2. P. Orlik imposition on the Right Bank
Answer: a

As a result of events which have signed peace Pputskyy dohovip?

  1. As a result of adopting the Covenant and the constitutional liberties laws i troops Zaporizhzhya
  2. As a result of a failed campaign of Peter the south Ukraine and Moldavia
Answer: b

What are the consequences for Ukraine had Prutsko peace treaty?

  1. Russia bring the troops with skirts and South Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya territory and pass under the protectorate of Turkey
  2. Right Bank remained under Poland Ukpayina, and Sich was distributed power P. Orlik
Answer: a

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Destruction of the king's army Chortomlyk Host
  2. Battle of Poltava
Answer: a

As called Hetman in legislation and legal provisions royal government after the Ukrainian-Moscow Treaty in 1654?

  1. Little Russia
  2. Ukraine
Answer: a

P. Orlik if a free Ukraine from the power of the Russian empire and unite all Ukrainian lands into a strong state?

  1. So
  2. No
Answer: b