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CONCLUSIONS (textbook)


Middle Ages lasted more than a thousand years and has radically changed the look and human life. She has absorbed great migration and mixing of peoples, the Crusades, the rise and decline great empires and customs of rural life and the tremendous flourishing cities. This time father of bloody wars and periods of peaceful work, great saints and fire Inquisition, the persecution of the outstanding inventions and freethinker.

Ten new century happened society, completely changed the appearance of Europe and Asia, European born Christian civilization. It emerged in medieval peoples and countries that exist today. Even the usual distribution of our contemporaries in Europe West and East was already then.

Invasion of the barbarians destroyed the ancient world. Flowering economy and culture once sank into a deep decline. But roots of European civilization survived, giving rise to a new life.

Zastupyvshy Paganism arose Christianity - a power that united Europe. Appeared and became one of world religions Islam. However, unlike Christianity, he became the only religion East and there along with Hinduism, Confucianism, etc.. Therefore, eastern public visibility differed from each other than European.

In the Middle Ages and have increased the city's their crafts, trade, cathedrals, universities and special way life. They became centers of new European civilization, formation and development of which you learn in these classes.

Medieval society revealed ability to constantly improve, finding new forms of development. It demonstrated a desire to activity and desire to expand their horizons in life. Voyages of Columbus and the discovery of America turned two pages of the world history. But it is another, new history.