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Peasants and nobles in the XI-XIII centuries. (compendium)

Over X - XIII. Western Europe finally formed the basic state of society, different from those that existed in the Germanic, Slavic and other European nations, and from those who were in ancient Rome. Each of these social groups had their views, lifestyle, occupied a certain position.

viddzerkalyvsya This division of society at that time the theory of three states: "those who pray" (priests and religious), those that fight "(knights), those who work (farmers, artisans, etc.).. Social status uspadkovuvavsya from father to son.

mills could not exist without each other. Yes, the clergy cared for the soul, defending the country knights, and peasants all suck.

In the mentioned scheme of division of society an important place occupied by monks and priests. Their main task was to care for the salvation of Christian souls. This training in the imagination of people at that time was more important than any earthly affairs. Wanting to save his soul, rich and poor gave their church property and land ownership. Moreover, the society gave the church the most capable and educated children, who dedicated life to serving God. Almost all famous scientists and thinkers, like much of the writers and poets, artists, musicians, belonged to the clergy.