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⛑ 🛡 🥾 Шоломи, форма, взуття

Polish Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania (compendium)

In 1139 the Polish King Boleslaw III Krzywoustego divide their possessions among the children into four principalities: Cracow, Sandomierz, Mazowieckie and Poznaat repeated.

Nevertheless, the feudal fragmentation of economic development did not stop the Polish lands. In the XIII century. rapidly developing new towns by the German and Jewish settlers. Strengthening the bridge, which was attached to the right of self-government, fostered trade and crafts. Major Corporations paths ran through Krakow - Holm - Torun - Gdansk, and Lviv - Krakow - Wroclaw.

Economic development promoted tours of the Polish society. Ruling clique made tycoons - the big landowners who have achieved the consolidation of an ancestral estate, and nobility (Knights) - served the nobility. The privileged position of the society was the clergy, which owned large estates and enjoyed several privileges.

In cities

social status defined the wealth and position in the organs of government.

In the feudal period have been significant changes in the lives of peasants.

dependent part of the peasantry perevodylasya a fixed tax (chynsh), natural or financial, which gave farmers greater economic independence.