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Medieval China (compendium)

From III. BC. BC and the end of VI century. Chinese civilization was going through a crisis. Her final result was the establishment Empire as a form of Chinese society. In addition, this form borrowed from China and neighboring nations: Japanese, Koreans, Vietnameses.

Finally, 589 was commander Yang Jian by force of arms restored the unity of China. He was proclaimed emperor and founded a dynasty Suy (581 - 618 years).

However, this dynasty was not destined for a long time to hold power. Recklessly domestic and foreign policy resources are exhausted the country that have not yet had time to recover from previous tests. The Last Emperor Yang Di Suy house was killed and the conspirators to power dostupylasya Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 years). Its first ruler Li Yuan and Shymin Lee spent quite a prudent policy that ensured prosperity of China. The new rulers of redistributed land. Hard work of millions of peasants turned into barren land fertile fields. A thought-tax system the state has provided significant benefits.

Tang Dynasty conquest conducted an active foreign policy. China fought against the Turks-nomadic and early VII century. defeated them. This allowed the empire finally assert control over the Great Silk Road. Empire also established its supremacy over Korea, Indochina, Tibet.

Noticeable changes occur then the farm and daily life. Spread the cultivation and consumption of rice and tea, which quickly became traditional Chinese food. Began production of sugar from sugar cane. Applied advanced agricultural technology: the peasants enjoyed eleven types of plows and irrigation wheel of jugs that pryvodylosya movement in working cattle. Everywhere were water mills. , The first products from china.