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Agriculture (compendium)

Agriculture - the second (after the industry) in terms of production area in the world economy. It plays a crucial role in providing food and some raw materials industries.

Agriculture is comprehensive in nature, using the land resources (farmland), and surface and ground water for artificial irrigation and water supply for livestock. Significant influence on the development of agriculture and its specialization are natural and climatic conditions (agro-climatic resources), relief and soil fertility.

result of agricultural specialization is the focus of a farm field in a particular area. Objective prerequisites of specialization is favorable natural conditions for development of certain areas of agriculture, traditional habits of the population of this territory and the availability of food and raw materials markets. Specialization creates conditions for the intensification of agricultural production - improving productivity through the introduction of scientific and technical progress.

In agriculture, highlights two major areas: plant (farming) and animal . Other industries ( fishing, apiculture, sericulture ) play a much smaller role.

key industries in most developing countries, is a plant. Only some of them, mostly in animal husbandry. Thus, in North Africa and Southwest Asia through poor soil and drought climate crop not growing nearly as well with livestock industries are developed and verblyudyarstvo sheep.

in developed countries is mainly livestock, which gives most of the agricultural products and provides the main part of the population of protein foods (meat, milk, eggs).

addition to the maps are given maps Cereals , Technical Culture , Animal and map Biological Resources , which gives information about the centers of origin of cultivated plants.