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Global environmental problems (compendium)

Environmental pollution has a long history. Even people of ancient Greece and ancient Rome have expressed concern about contamination of the territories in which they lived. In the Middle Ages, the first laws on environmental protection.

Actively change the nature of man leads to imbalance in the flow of natural processes in geographic shell. This in turn causes global environmental problems. Among the most rampant acquire such issues as: greenhouse effect (permanent warming) and raising ocean levels, air pollution and the associated acid rain, ocean pollution and to reduce its resources, desertification, ozone depletion, etc..

Contamination of water shell is a result of discharge into rivers, lakes and seas of industrial and agricultural waste. The most polluted rivers are the Rhine, Danube, Seine, Thames, the Dnieper, Volga, Tiber, Nile, Ganges. Among the most polluted seas are internal and okrayinni. Mediterranean, for example, is one of the main areas of the world shipping: it is simultaneously up to 10 thousand vessels annually is transported to 400 million tons of oil. That's 60-70 years of the twentieth century. marine pollution has reached critical levels. It was later a series of environmental measures somewhat improved the situation.

Strips most affected by oil pollution and dumping of radioactive waters in and toxic waste.

Air pollution is a result of industry and transport, which annually emit into the atmosphere billions of tons of solid and gaseous particles of various harmful compounds. Most suffer from this problem, big city, but acid rain that falls outside the cities, causing significant damage to crops, destroy life in fresh waters, forests and other vegetation.

In addition, serious damage "Green Lungs of the Planet" Strikes and industrial uncontrolled deforestation. The result is a reduction of oxygen in the air, soil erosion and desertification areas and more.

The major danger to mankind is man-made disasters. Accidents at nuclear power plants, chemical plants, oil tankers could have grave consequences: loss of life, change the surrounding landscape, the removal of economic circulation of large areas and so on. Sad example is the Chernobyl accident.