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§ 3. Location of Ukraine on time zones (textbook)

§ 3. Location Ukraine on time zones


1. Remember that called the local (solar) and Standard Time.

2. In how many degrees longitude held beyond time zones?


How to determine local time. As you already know the course Geography Grade 7, at the same time in different places, which lie on different meridians, will be different local (Iesunny) time. You know that this is due to rotation Earth around its axis. Same time is only at all points that lie on one meridian. So, in the western and eastern outskirts of even one settlement time will vary. This difference will grow with increasing distance between Meridians. Thus, neighboring meridians, through the 15 ° difference in local time will be ahHeld within 1 - 4 хвHeld by 1 '(one minutes, one degree divided into 60 minutes) - 4 seconds (on such angular distance rotating one meridian points on the interval you specify).

At this time on the meridian, which is east of some item outstrip the time there and in a more western meridian - lag behind. For example, if local time Kiev noon (12 h), Then Donetsk for 12 h 29 хвAnd in Lviv at this very moment - only 11 h 33 хв 56 p.. So, to set the time in different paragraphs, knowing him in one of them must make such calculations.

1.     Зfind longitude points:

a) Kyiv - 30 ° 34 'east. D.;

b) Donetsk - 37 ° 49 'east. D.;

c) Lions - 24 ° 03 'east. d.

2.     Set difference longitude between the points (in degrees and minutes):

a) between Donetsk and Kyiv - 37 ° 49 '- 30 ° 34' = 7 ° 15 'east. D.;

b) between Kyiv and Lviv - 30 ° 34 '- 24 ° 03'  = 6 ° 31 'east. d.

3.     Transfer the difference longitude (in degrees and minutes) to the time difference (in hours, minutes and seconds):

а) 7°15'  = 7 x 4 хв15 x 4 s = 29 хв;

b) 6 ° 31 '6 x 4 = хв 31 x 4 s = 26 хв 4.

found values show the difference in local time on the meridian, conducted by Kyiv, Lviv and Donetsk.

4.     By the time known to us Kiev (12 h) Add (in the case of Donetsk, which lies east of Kyiv), or subtract from it (in the case of lions that located west of Kyiv) answers:

a) If in Kiev 1912 h, Then the time will be in Donetsk

12 h + 29 хв = 12 h 29 хв;

b) if in Kiev 1912 h, Then the time will be in Lviv

  12 h – 26 хв 4 s = 11 h 33 хв 56 p..

Time zone and waist time. Use local time, in which each point otherwise in everyday life almost impossible. For convenience, around the world use waist time. To do this, as you already know the globe conventionally divided meridians 24 strips (the number of hours times) - with Time Zone (15 ° longitude each). At all points of one time zone have agreed to consider the same. By taking a lap time meridian that runs through the middle of this zone (meridian).

Hourly Zones are numbered from 0 to 23 in an easterly direction: meridian 0th zone is Greenwich (Initial) meridian, 1 zone - 15 ° east meridian. d. 12 th zone - 180 th meridian, 23 th zone - 15 ° W meridian. d.

Time 0-th zone is called Western Europe, 1 -European average, second - Eastern European. Number indicates the lap belt in time moment when the Prime Meridian north. Time difference between two neighboring zones is 1 hour. Moving around the globe from west to east, we should move clocks one hour ahead of crossing the boundaries of each zone, and moving westward - at an hour ago.

Location Ukraine on a convenient time zones: 95% of its territory lies in the second zone only Lugano and part Donetsk and Kharkiv areas - 3 rd belt, and a small part Transcarpathia - in the first zone. However, in practice, for amenities beyond time zones on land conduct not strictly along the meridian, but with the state borders. So whole territory of Ukraine belongs to the second time zone. Time, in our country is the average time for second zone meridian (30 , which is almost Kyiv. That is why Ukraine is called Standard Time Kiev.


Amazing Ukraine

Which time in the neighborhood?

For second time zone except Ukraine, living in Europe as Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Moldova, Romania, Turkey. All Ukraine's western neighbors, countries Central and Western Europe, most countries use Central European Time, and Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland and Portugal - Western European. In the adjoining Russian territories of Ukraine's borders has so-called Moscow time, which is ahead of Kyiv for 1 hour.


Fig.  Time Zone World


Working with map

1.Find out how Standard Time difference in Kiev on Standard Time London and Moscow.

2. In Kharkiv, the lap time is 14 h25 min. Determine who will lap time in Paris and Yakutsk.

3. In Ukraine under Time, 8 h 30 хв, day of the year - September 1. What time and date is currently in London and Rio de Janeiro?

4. In London with the West European time 9 hours. What time on lap time in Simferopol?


Elderly time. Every year in Ukraine is introduced Daylight Saving Time: at night last Sunday in March clockwise moved forward one hour. It makes it possible to exploit the light of day and save electricity. On the night of the last Sunday of October return clock  arrow one hour back, restoring force Standard Time.

Introduction and repeal DST conducted simultaneously many European countries (in including all the neighboring countries of Ukraine), but because of time difference with them is not affected.



Local time - a reference system based on real-time solar time  peculiar to each point on the globe.

Half-time - a system timing, local time on the meridian that runs in the middle of a clock belt surface.

Time zone - is 24 lanes, which is divided surface for lap timing.

Ukraine is located in the second time zone; Standard Time in Ukraine is called Kiev.

DST - a reference system Time 1 h forward relative to standard time, adopted in this country.


Questions and Tasks

1. What is called local time?

2. What time is Standard Time in Ukraine?Set the longitude meridian second time zone.

3. Calculate the time in the capital of Ukraine and its western extreme and east point, unless your regional center north.

4. Decide to anywhere in the world will be midnight local time, while when noon in Ternopil.


Practical work

Using a map Hours zones, do the task:

a) at the zero meridian time is 16 hours. Determine what time at this point in Poltava;

b) local time in Kharkov is 13 hours. Set on a meridian at this very moment is 15 h;

c) define the geographic point A, if it 1910 local time h 30 хв, While in London on 8 hours.