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Employment and unemployment (compendium)

very important indicator of socio-economic status of any country is the level of employment and unemployment. Precise data is needed to sustain a strategy of economic development and prevention of negative social consequences, improving the national economy in general and living standards of citizens in particular.

Given the state of the economy of the state can establish that the highest rates of employment observed in the industrial regions of Ukraine, and Kyiv and Sevastopol. This is natural because it is concentrated mainly in the number of industrial enterprises, developed transport infrastructure and functioning institutions and organizations whose work provided human resources. Moreover, as large cities are traditionally the most investment attractive: here often implemented new investment projects, which created jobs.

same highest unemployment rate fall mainly in the western areas of the state of the economy with high share of agriculture. This can be explained by the fact that agriculture does not need such a large number of workers as, say, industry. Moreover, agriculture later than industry, came from the state of stagnation and slowly increasing volume of commodity production. Therefore, to 3 million of our fellow citizens (mostly people of Western Ukraine) went to work abroad (Portugal, Spain, Russia, etc.).

Given that the last 6-7 years, Ukraine has enjoyed steady economic growth, the situation is somewhat better: employment gradually increases, and unemployment rates significantly reduced (see . corresponding chart.)

interesting characteristics for labor and the economy in general is the structure of employment (see chart to map "Facilities"). If the 90 years in the sphere of material production were employed to 75% of all employees, today this figure - within 70%. Much of the working population re-oriented to service sector, which is a typical trend for developed countries.

As seen from the maps, employment and unemployment rates vary widely by region of Ukraine. The lowest unemployment rate in Kyiv and Sevastopol. Moreover, in recent years, the nation's capital is a characteristic phenomenon of lack of staff: the labor market needs for specialists (especially working-class professions) far exceed the number of unemployed job seekers. In some regions the situation is the opposite: unemployed for a long time can not even find any work and therefore have to swell the ranks of migrant workers.